Tasty Drinks and Treats That Are Healthy For You

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Today, it seems almost impossible to maintain a healthy diet because of a busy routine. It is easier to grab a snack or make some cereal. However, these type of food does not contain the basic nutrients the body needs. These tasty foods and drinks are healthy and do not take time to prepare:

Lemon water

You can start your day by taking lemon water. It helps flush the digestive system and while hydrating the body. To prepare it, take ½ a lemon and juice it into a tumbler of water. This can be taken twice daily.

Fresh coconuts

Coconuts are not just tasty; they have antibacterial properties. They increase energy levels, insulin secretion, reduces the effects of aging, boost the immune system and improves digestion. You can also benefit from it when it comes to reducing cholesterol and improving heart health. To enjoy this treat, break the hard shell and eat the coconut.

Charcoal lemonade

This is lemonade with some charcoal added to make it healthier. Charcoal is used mainly in hospitals to treat alcohol poisoning. It also reduces joint pain among other things. To prepare this yummy drink, get some activated charcoal powder, water, some hot water, lemon juice, agave, and organic honey. Mix the ingredients in a bowl, and you’re good to go.