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Trendy Hairstyles
Spring is only a few days away and what time is there to try new hairstyles. 2022 has already brought us many amazing hair trends our way, and these three dramatic chops are all the rage on Pinterest right now. Octopus Haircut
Cardi B at Strawberry Moon, Miami, Florida
“Liquid hair” is the latest beauty trend taking Hollywood by storm, and our favorite stars can’t get enough of it. Soft, silky, and perfectly straight, this hairstyle is all about that perfect shine without any sign of frizz, and many A-list celebs can’t resist this magnetic trend.
We noticed that hair color trends are often inspired by beverages, especially coffee and wine. Mulled wine, chardonnay blonde, cold brew, and iced mocha are the words used to describe particular hair colors, and now there’s a new emerging trend. It’s spreading in...


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