Stylish Headbands Are The Hair Accessory of the Moment

Photo by Ehsan mansouri on Unsplash

Back in high school, headbands were the answer to growing out bangs or tidying up your hair when it wouldn’t quite pull back into a pony. Since then, we have put our headbands into the back of our accessory drawer and have traded them in for balayage, braids, and embellished hairpins.

Now, it is time to dig up those old headbands because they are finally having their moment in the spotlight. If you don’t know what we are talking about, here’s a look at some of the chicest headband styles this fall.

Silk Scarves

A wraparound headband is a way to seamlessly make the transition between summer and winter. A simple pony with a colorful headband adds a stamp of flare to any outfit.

The Florence

Florence Welch’s take on the headband has always been “the bigger, the better”. If massive florals aren’t your thing then the takeaway from Florence’s look is simply you do you.

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Knotted Bands

Knotted headbands are a simple and stylish hair accessory. We love Jess Woodley’s checked band, which is bang on-trend.


Satin is the material of the headband of the moment. Sophisticated and stylish, a satin band creates volume and pulls together a look.

Cute Details

Finally, subtle embellishments hit the balance between fancy and casual. They turn the most breezy hairdo up a notch and offer the chance to get expressive with your hair.