Stunning yoga clothes for plus-size gals

Image by @yogiempress_3rdi_kushites / Instagram

If you’re a curvy kinda girl, finding well-cut yoga clothes can be challenging. And when you find them, they’re often not very attractive.

But with the growing popularity of yoga, more and more gear is being produced by savvy designers who know that yoga is for everybody, not just some kind of bodies.

The problem with many yoga clothing items is that they are not designed for all the different body types out there. The pants tend to fall down, and so many of the shirts are cut so that they show loads of skin.

But, when you’re in a yoga frame of mind, you want to be thinking about the postures you are doing and about the depth of your breath. You don’t want to have to be worrying about your top exposing your midriff, or your pants falling down to your feet.

Instead, you need items that make you feel confident enough to forget about your clothes and simply embrace the calm that comes with a good yoga session.

So no matter how challenging that downward-facing dog is, and no matter where your curves are, read on for some of the cutest, most comfortable yoga clothes available. They’re designed to fit you comfortably and give you cover in all the right places.