8 ways to achieve that dazzling summer skin

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

The season change from winter to summer can wreak havoc on the skin. These DIY tips will help keep your skin happy and healthy.

Lemon scrub

The combination of lemon, sugar and coconut oil will rid your skin of any dry skin cells.

Cleanse with lavender

This cleaner will clean and nourish the skin. Add a few drops of lavender essential oils to soaked oats, a whisked egg yolk, mineral water and almond oil.

Strawberry mask

A mask of strawberries, rice powder and yogurt will clean the facial pores.


Steaming the face over a bowl of hot water will provide a deep cleanse for pores.

Watermelon serum

Applying watermelon and honey to the body and facial skin will leave them hydrated and repaired.

Fruity sunburn tonic

For sunburnt skin simply apply papaya, strawberry, honey, sugar and Greek yogurt.

Mango and avocado mask

A mask made of avocado, mango, honey and olive oil will hydrate skin even in the driest of climates.


Facial using pumpkin and papaya

By combining pumpkin, papaya and an egg the result is a facial ingredient that will clean skin, refresh it and finally leave it rehydrated for summer.