Spruce Up Your Hair with Hair Wraps

Image by Cody Ramsey from Pixabay

Hairstyles have always introduced varying styles to treat our tresses. From perms to dreadlocks to straightening one’s hair – there are endless ways to wear our locks.

Hair wraps are similar to dreadlocks, but they’re an alternative for people who are into temporary hairstyles. They don’t last for the same amount of time as a dreadlock and can be unraveled after time. Some last in the hair typically for 6-8 months, or you can buy a clip on to plug into your hair.

Great For Kids

This look is great for teens and even young adults. You’ll certainly turn heads with this colorful number.

Mix and Match

You can even incorporate beads into your hair wraps! If you’re a fan of crystals or tiny charms, then display your love for them in your hair – they’ll come off anyways and are a temporary look that will spruce up your existing look.

They Look Awesome

You can use hair wraps on your entire head or even on a few pieces of hair – either way, it’s a great look to wear during the summer.