Sneaky Tips For DIY Salon Worthy Nails

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

We’ve been painting our nails since we were ten years old and it still remains a mystery how the talented folk of Instagram manage to achieve picture-perfect nails every time. Luckily, we’ve collected some tips and tricks over the years to help us get there.

Roll Your Bottle

If you get tiny bubbles underneath your topcoat, it’s probably because you are shaking your bottle. Roll it instead for a smoother finish.


If you have a hard time staying in the lines, use a q-tip to apply vaseline around your nails. This creates a barrier so if you do go outside the lines, you won’t get nail polish on your skin.

Apply A Base Coat

Most people know that applying a clear varnish over your polish helps them last longer, but people often overlook the base coat. It helps to stop the tops of your nails from chipping over time.

Use Clear Tape

If you want to get creative with nail art, you can use clear tape to create defined lines on your nails. Negative space is one of the hottest nail trends this season.

Soak Them In Cold Water

If you want your nails to dry faster, don’t shake them around blowing on them. Dip them in a bowl of ice-cold water. It will help them set.