Samgyeopsal is the Korean Dish You Need to Try

Photo by Clint Bustrillos on Unsplash

Samgyeopsal is a traditional Korean barbecue dish that can be seen in almost every Korean restaurant. Have you seen the cast iron pan sitting on a stove in an Asian restaurant? It’s probably for that purpose (or shabu shabu).

This pork belly dish makes for a great meal and can be eaten with various condiments. It’s typically wrapped in red lettuce with the warm meat nestled inside. After wrapping it, you can dip it in sesame oil or even a watered-down gochujang sauce. If you’re looking for a less spicy option – opt for the sesame oil.

Goes Great With Noodles

If you’re not a big fan of rice, or even wrapping it in lettuce – then chuck some into your ramen bowl. It’ll add more protein to your dish and a savory taste. Yum!

Enjoy it With Friends

Since they’ll be cooking the thick meat in front of you – why not invite a few friends to join in on this fun experience? It can be a bonding activity, where you all learn together how to make this beloved Korean dish. While you’re at it – don’t forget to sample the other mini dishes on the side, such as the pickled radish or even kimchi.

Wash it Down With Soju

For a full-on Korean experience – drink it with soju, which is an alcoholic drink derived from rice. It complements the spicy dishes quite nicely and balances out the acidity.

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