Corda’s Rope Sandals are Hip for the Summer

Rope sandals are gaining popularity for their comfortability and their aesthetic look. These funky slippers are great for warm summer days, when you want your toes to touch the sand.

Corda’s sandals are perfect for going on adventures with and are ethically hand-made in Ethiopia. Another great fact about their sandals? They ship worldwide!

Support Local

Dustin, the owner of Corda, supports a small village in northern Ethiopia by helping them get jobs. He lived there for a month and realized he could start a program where they can work together to both earn profit. Not only did working with them give the villagers more jobs – but they were also able to use the sustainable materials that were already present in Ethiopia.

Wear Them Everywhere

These shoes are for the wandering soul who loves to move from one place to another. Bring them on your journey to the mountains and to the rivers – they’ll stay intact no matter what the weather will be.

They’re Unisex

Another great reason why you need a pair of Cordas? They make wonderful gifts for your dad, boyfriend or brother. Yes, men look great in them too.
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