Pier 1 Décor Ideas to Inspire You

Image by jackie.hoyte/Instagram

Pier 1 décor and accessories bring a breath of fresh air into any room. They are a must-have this summer to create a laidback party vibe.

Seating arrangements

This gorgeous pink chair is ideal as an occasional chair for guests. It works well in a small living room area. Accompanied by a bold striped pillow, it creates a lovely color contrast.

Tabletop secrets

The rustic farmhouse table can be given a new look with a delightful runner. The various colors and textures used on this runner create a fiesta-like atmosphere.

Scatter cushions

The easiest way to give a room a makeover is with scatter cushions. Choose a variety of different shapes and sizes. Use covers with different patterns and textures.

Indoor plants

A cactus in a room adds a fiesta touch like no other. Plus, they’re conveniently low maintenance for those still developing a green thumb! Put your cactus in an attractive container on an unusual end table.


Alternative seating

These festive, brightly colored stools are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Their versatility makes them well worth buying. They can double up as side tables.  Made from sturdy metal, they can withstand any summer party!