Pack your Beauty Essentials like a Pro

Image by alexbhills/Instagram

It’s so annoying to forget some essential beauty item when you’re away, but you also don’t want to take everything you own. Here’s how to pack your beauty products like a pro:

List it

First, list all the beauty items you’re going to need.

Now, look for products that can multitask

Some products can double-up to perform more than one function. For example, you could leave out a cream blush and instead opt for a lipstick for both lips and cheeks. Think multitasking to cut down on the products you take with you.

Choose free samples

Many cosmetic houses offer free samples. Ask at your department store for samples of cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, and any other essentials. You’re likely to get them for free, and in a perfect-sized container for your trip.

Decant, don’t buy

Lots of products aren’t available in convenient travel-sized packs, so decant products into travel-friendly containers to save space.

This goes for things like shampoo and conditioner, but also for powders and other items. Don’t forget to label your containers, and tape up any that contain liquids to prevent spillage.

Pack well

Pack your beauty items into an appropriate bag, or even Ziplocs, which prevent leakage.


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