Negative Space Nail Art You’ll Instantly Love

Negative Space Nail Art You'll Instantly Love
Image via megtannahill/Instagram

Since us, ladies are always in the need of new, fun manicure ideas it’s time for you to see one of the biggest trends of the season. Negative space nail art is one of the most gorgeous ways to elevate your mani in the upcoming months. Take a cue from these cute ideas to inspire your next nail design.


Don’t be afraid to mix colors and prints when it comes to summer nails. This is the best time of the year to get into experimenting. Stripes plus negative spaces are the perfect combo.


Geometric prints are another huge topic when it comes to manicures this summer. Add some negative spaces to your bold colored geometric shapes, and you’ll be the trendiest one around.

All Black Everything

This negative space nail art is literally the next level. It is so chic, that you’ll want to try it in every single color. If you are not that much into black, you can always go for bright shades.

Summer Vibes

This wavy negative space nail art is the perfect upgrade to your summer manicure. You can even try painting some waves at home. If not, you can always turn to your favorite nail salon and get those summer vibes on your nails.