Meals You Should Eat Before and After Swimming

Photo by Marcus Ng on Unsplash

Swimming is known as one of the healthiest activities among all sports. However, choosing the right food to eat before and after swimming can have a huge effect on your body. No matter if you are a professional swimmer or you are just swimming for fun, it is very important to eat healthily.


Before hopping into the pool, quick energy-boosting snacks are a must, because they are high in natural sugars and easy to digest. Also, a large banana, dates, raisins, cereal bar, jellied sweets or a 500 ml bottle of sports drink won’t feel heavy in your stomach and will give you the needed energy.


You might never have thought about this, but you are sweating during swimming, just like you would with any other sport. Dehydration may cause swimmer’s headache, so it is crucial to keep your body hydrated. Always have your water bottle with you, and take sips from time to time.


Just like before swimming, the after-meal also needs to be healthy and full of nutrients. Start recovering your muscles right after you left the pool. A recovery drink or a recovery bar will provide the necessary proteins. Big meals made of lean chicken, turkey or oily fish are a great after swim meal, as well. Fatty foods are a huge NO-NO!


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