Make Your Lips Appear Fuller With These Simple Tips

Photo by Kal Loftus on Unsplash

Full lips are trendy these days. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner are at the forefront of this trend. You can add some volume to your lips as well. Read our DIY tricks to find out more.

Use concealer to do the magic

Pat some concealer on your lips and spread it over the lip line. This trick allows you to apply lipstick to a larger area and this makes your lips larger inadvertently.

Brush off the flakes

When lips are flaky, they do not reflect light effectively. Get rid of the flakes by brushing them with a small toothbrush. You boost circulation when you do this as well.

Apply lip-gloss on the middle of your lips

Use a clear lip-gloss and apply it to the middle part of your lips. This absorbs and reflects the light and makes your lips appear fuller.

Don’t use dark lipstick

A nude lipstick makes your lips appear larger naturally. Dark colors, on the other hand, flatten the mouth’s appearance.

Overdraw your lip line

Use a good lip liner, overdraw the natural lip line slightly, and fill in with lipstick. You can choose to use the liner instead of lipstick. Conceal your lip line to give your lips a bolder look.

Use two nude lip colors

Use one shade first on your mouth and use the lighter color in the middle part of your lips. This makes the lips look fuller.