Macrame Designs For Your Boho Home

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

Textiles are a great way to liven the home and give it a touch of boho chic. You can introduce a handwoven rug to your living room to add character and style or even put up a cool tapestry on the wall.

Textiles help add more texture into the home and give it more depth and flair. Macrame is a handwoven textile that fits any living room situation and keeps your home looking beautiful without being overwhelming.

Plant Holder

Use macrame as a holder for your plants. Instead of just popping it in a pot and leaving it in the corner, why not hang it from your wall for a delicate fairy look?

Make Your Own

Macrame is a pretty easy textile design to make and you’ll need only a few simple ingredients to concoct a wall tapestry. With some patience and creativity, you can even make bikini tops and crop tops!

Delicate and Soft

Macrame is made from fine yarn that often comes in many colors. They’re a delicate piece to add to your home to give it a cozier and bohomeian vibe.


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