How To Make Your Own Gazpacho Soup

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Eating homemade food and preparing it yourself is always better than buying it at your local grocery store, right? Yes, it might take a while to prepare it, but you choose all the ingredients you want to use. We present to you a tasty easy-to-make gazpacho recipe you will love.

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Missing the Mediterranean 🏖 The weather in Geneva was great today – hot & sunny summer vibes. So I decided to make a Gazpacho soup for dinner. I’ve had this recipe written down in the cupboard for years and can’t remember which cookbook it’s from but it’s too delicious not to share. 😋 Ingredients: 1kg Fresh Tomatoes (or Passata) 1 Green or Red Bell Pepper Roasted Half a Large Cucumber Peeled A Couple of Slices of Old Bread A Boiled Egg Yolk ( or Not if you’re Vegan) 6 or More Tablespoons of Olive Oil 5 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar 3-4 Big Garlic Cloves 3 Teaspoons of Salt Ground Black Pepper 1/4 Teaspoon of Smoked Paprika 1 Teaspoon of Ground Cumin A Tray of Ice Cubes (I added a handful of Okara – by product of Tofu making – just because I had it) 🍅 The purest out there can remove the tomato skins and seeds then sieve the juice… Today I was pushed for time and didn’t have enough tomatoes so I just chopped up about ½ kg of fresh tomatoes and used a bottle of bio passata. I mixed this in a bowl with the chopped bread and Okara then added a cup of water to thin out the passata. 🍅 If you want to you can also remove the cucumber seeds but I only peeled mine as my blender is amazing. I then crushed the garlic, in my Spanish garlic plate, and mixed the salt into the pulp. 🍅 It was almost time for me to collect Amelie from school so I just threw everything into the blender (except the ice) and turned it on full power until everything was totally blended up. I then transferred it into a large pot, added the ice and kept in the fridge for 4 hours until cold. I served it with cubed cucumber, chopped boiled eggs, cheese pieces, some sliced (homegrown) chilli peppers – just for me – and some fresh bread. 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 #makeyourown #gazpacho #summersoup #gazpachosoup #stayathomedad #homecooking #homecooked #vegetarian #vegan #recipe #vegetarianrecipes #vegetarianfood #homemade #naturalrecipes #healthymeals #lavieageneve #genevalifestyle #okara

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  • 500 gr Fresh Tomatoes
  • 100 gr Cucumber
  • 100 gr Red Pepper
  • 70 gr Green Pepper
  • 50 gr Mild Chili Pepper
  • 50 gr Red Onion
  • 80 gr Bread
  • 2 Garlic Cloves
  • 100 ml White Wine Vinegar
  • 100 ml Olive Oil
  • 300 ml Water
  • Salt and Pepper


First, you need to prepare your vegetables. Remove the core of tomatoes and garlic and remove the seeds and the core of peppers.

Then chop all the ingredients roughly, put all the ingredients into a blender and give it a good mix. Blend on maximum speed for about 1 minutes, or until it becomes smooth.

Put it into a refrigerator and leave it to sit until it becomes cold.

Gazpacho, also known as Andalusian gazpacho, a cold soup made of raw, blended vegetables is served cold.