How to Make your Home Look more Expensive

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

We all want that designer look in our homes, but how can we achieve it if we don’t have a designer budget? Read on for some secrets from interior designers.

Take your time

Decisions about the look of your home shouldn’t be taken in a rush. Take your time, and give yourself a period in which to change your mind before going headlong for a particular item or look. Ask yourself if you will like it in 10 years’ time.

Add a statement piece

Just like the perfect handbag or shoes can make an ordinary outfit look outstanding, so a statement piece can lift a lower-budget room from nice to fabulous in one fell swoop.

Group items together

A designer trick is to group objects together to form an unusual focal point. You could use a coffee table or entry table to show off a collection of similar (or completely different) objects.

Feature black-and-white photographs

They always look chic, and grouped together can create an effortlessly pulled-together look for any room.

Less is more

If a room is over-stuffed with items, it can end up looking like a used furniture store. Keep the look streamlined with just enough items to add style and functionality.