How to Handle the Most Common Travel Dilemmas

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Traveling is supposed to be an exciting experience, but for many of us it’s overwhelming and stressful—there are so many things that don’t end up going according to plans. Whether it’s missing a flight, losing your luggage, getting sick, or your hotel is overbooked, here’s how to deal with these situations and still enjoy your vacation.

Missing Your Flight

This happens to a ton of people, especially for connecting flights as flights get delayed or security takes longer than expected. If you miss a flight and it was out of your control like if your connection was delayed, the airline will rebook you. If you miss a flight because you overslept, you can still try and contact the airline as soon as possible to see what their policies are. Sometimes travel credit card companies will reimburse you or if you bought travel insurance you may be in luck.

Losing Your Luggage

Avoid this hassle by packing all essentials in your carry-on like important documents, a change of clothes, valuables, and electronics. When you notice your bag hasn’t come off the conveyer belt, immediately report it to the baggage office. They’ll let you know where your bag is and when it’s supposed to arrive.

Getting Sick

You can’t avoid getting sick while on vacation and if you feel unwell, ask your hotel for a doctor or medical clinic. If you’re traveling abroad, you can find reliable medical care on the website of the U.S. embassy or consulate of the country you’re vacationing in. Save any receipts from doctors or hospital visits because if you have travel insurance, you may be able to get reimbursed.

Hotel is Overbooked

Unfortanelty, this happens as hotels try to over-sell their rooms in case of last-minute cancelations or no-shows. In these situations, hotels will send you to nearby hotels and they’ll usually let you know they’re overbooked before you arrive. Some hotels will give you a discount and pay for transportation to the new hotel.

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