Do You Need to Tip Hotel Housekeeping?

Yes, you should be tipping hotel housekeeping unless your hotel specifically tells you not to. After all, they make your beds, clean up your mess, and tidy up the bathrooms. Although they work really hard, the housekeeping staff is often forgotten. Now that we’ve decided that you need to tip housekeeping, how much should you actually tip them?

Unlike many other service industries, the usual 18 to 20 percent doesn’t cut it. The best way to come up with the correct amount is to consider how your stay was, how much you can afford to tip, and how much cash you have. This may come to around $2 to $5 per day and make sure you leave the money each day. This is important because a different person may clean your room each day.

Also, if you know you’re extremely messy, there are a lot of people staying in your room, or the staff does an amazing job, you should tip more. Leave $4 to $6 per day if this is the case.

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