How to Clean Dirty Makeup and Hair Brushes

Photo by Manu Camargo on Unsplash

Dirty makeup and hair brushes are not as efficient and are probably covered in bacteria that can cause rashes or infections. Taking time to clean your brushes is important.

Wet the bristle sections of the makeup brushes with cool water. Put a small dab of a gentle shampoo in your palm and swish the wet brushes through it. Rinse with water, and try to keep the handles dry.

If you wash the whole brush, you may weaken the glue holding the bristles to the handle. Squeeze the water out of the bristles and lay the brushes flat on a clean towel to air dry overnight.

Your hair brushes collect dead skin, hair and hair products. If you neglect them, they simply transfer it all back into your hair, making it dull and flat. Firstly, remove the hair by using your fingers or some tweezers.

Next, dampen the brush and use your hands to work in a little shampoo. Soak the brush in warm water for a while and loosen the remaining dirt with an old toothbrush. Rinse well using warm water and place the brush on a clean towel to dry.

For cushioned and wooden-handled brushes, skip the soak in warm water because it can cause damage. You can use some rubbing alcohol on a swab to remove any hairspray residue.