Edgy Make-Up looks for Spring

Image by Pexels

This spring, avant-garde takes a back seat to a more wearable, natural look.

For eyes, we will focus on 3 colors. The highlighter, Medium shadow, dark shadow, followed by eyeliner.

The highlighter:  This is will be the lightest colour on your palette.  (White, Gold, Silver).  This shade will be swept underneath the eyebrows, and along the brow bone.  This helps to open up the eyes.

The medium Shadow:  The medium colour on your palette will follow the upper crease of the eye, under the brow bone, beneath the highlighter, and blended well.  Sweep your brush in an outward and upward motion at the edge of the eyes, which will create a lifting effect.

The dark shadow:  This will be placed on the outer corner of the eyelid, for a day time look smoky eye, follow the dark shadow along the top, and bottom as eyeliner.


The eyeliner:  A smoky look created with eye shadow is a great natural look.  For something more dramatic, winged liner makes a statement.

Using an easy to guide gel pencil, start from the middle of your top eyelid, following your natural shape to the outward edge of your eye.

Follow the line outward from the centre of your lower lid, until it meets the upper eye line, connecting them with a small stroke, creating the cat eye flick.