How to be a working mom with a husband who travels

Photo by London Scout on Unsplash

Being a working mom is challenging enough. But what if your husband travels for work? You end up virtually a single parent who has to juggle work, parenting, and home on your own.

There’s a chance that you could become so exhausted and overwhelmed that you even suffer burnout. So how can one survive being a working mom with a traveling husband? Here are a few tips:

Become an expert planner

Plan your meals for the week and then order your groceries online to save time and last-minute decision-making.

Get help

I’m not sure that anyone can survive this situation without a little help from a friend … or relative. Get someone to look after the kids once in a while, and if you can afford it, hire a cleaner when you can.

Make bedtime non-negotiable

Children thrive on clear boundaries, and this includes having a regular bedtime. Tell your children to stay in bed unless there is an emergency.

Block off your calendar

Try to avoid scheduling meetings after, say, 4.30 pm to allow you to juggle responsibilities.

Get your husband to take over when he’s home

Take advantage of having your husband home and hand over the reins for a little shut-eye.

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