How to Avoid the Most Common Laundry Mistakes

How many times have you done your laundry only to see ink stains on your work chinos, a huge hole in your favorite sweater, or a broken zipper on your best pair of jeans? Sorting lights and darks and checking your pockets for loose change is the easy part, but these four things are easy to miss.

Open Zippers

Zippers are like scissors for your clothes–they’re sharp and they can tear into delicate garments while your washer is spinning. To avoid these mishaps, make sure to close your zipper before placing it in the laundry basket. Also, make sure that bra hooks or any other metal pieces are closed.


You may think that by adding extra detergent you’re making sure your clothes are cleaner, but too much detergent causes suds to get stuck on your clothes and they aren’t easy to rinse away.


Buttons should be left open because when they bounce around in your washer it puts stress on the threads causing them to become loose.

Water Temperature

Not all clothes are meant to be washed on a warm cycle. Dark and bright colored clothes need to be done in cold water to preserve their color and prevent them from bleeding onto other clothes. Hot water is best for whites and warm water is best for knits.

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