How Often You Should Be Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes
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Chances are you’re not washing your makeup brushes as often as you should be. If you have been cleaning them, you probably haven’t been doing it the right way. Simply running them under warm water or rubbing them with sanitizer won’t get rid of the bacteria build-up on the bristles. Here’s how you should be doing it.

How Often?

The brushes you use the most which are probably your foundation and concealer brush should be cleaned at least once a week and the other ones can be cleaned once or twice a month. The brushes that you get wet or that you use liquid products on should be kept clean because bacteria can grow on them.

What Should You Use?

Use baby shampoo to get the bristles wet. In a bowl pour a two to one ratio of water and baby shampoo and dip the bristles in the mixture and brush them from side to side in the palm of your had until they form a lather. Then rinse them in warm water. Continue doing this until the water running through your brush is clear. When the bristles are clean squeeze out the excess water with a paper towel and lay it flat on the counter with the bristles hanging over the towel.

When Should You Replace Them?

Be sure to replace your makeup brushes once a year and if you use them frequently even more often. It’s time to replace them when they’ve lost their shape, the base of the brush head is wobbly, and your bristles are falling apart.

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