Hairstyle Ideas For Really Short Hair

Photo by Eunice Lituañas on Unsplash

Lots of people prefer long hairstyles because of the variety of styling available for them. You can also rock a short hair with so many different styles. Short hairstyles today are no longer boyish, but give a femme fatale look. Read on to find more styling ideas for your short hair.

Bleached Mohawk Style

Extremely short hair is perfect for highlighting facial features such as the eyes and cheekbones. It is a daring hairstyle so if you want to make it beautiful, cut the hair low to about 3 inches. It gives you a blend of sophistication and punk. You can also opt for different colors such as blue or two different tones.

Curly Top With Dye and Fade

This hairstyle combines perm, dye, and fade cut. It also sports designs on the sides. You can modify the style to fit your taste. The top highlights can also be dyed to match your skin tone. You can also add a punk flair with a different color.


This wavy style is one example. It involves using a styling product or wax to clip finger waves. The pins are removed after the gel or wax dries, and the result is just gorgeous.