Gorgeous Brick Fireplace Designs to Keep You Warm This Winter

There is always one special spot in the living room everyone wants to occupy when cold days come. To get you ready for winter, we gathered some pretty brick fireplace designs for you to try.

White And Cozy

White is a classic shade that works well with all of the other colors. Minimalist, Scandinavian, rustic decors, would all recommend a white fireplace for the winter days. It will really be the centerpiece in your room.

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A Full Brick Wall

Instead of building a fireplace only, you can add bricks to the whole wall. And the basic red shade is always the one that really stands out.

Dark And Classy

Black is such a classy color. You can use it when the rest of the room is dark as well, or to upgrade a bright decor. It is the perfect hue for a modern brick fireplace.



A brick fireplace doesn’t have to be boring or ordinary. This is a perfect example that even colors such as teal can be a part of this creation. Find a shade that matches your interior design and don’t hesitate to use it.