Get Into the Spooky Season With These Halloween-Inspired Treats

Halloween charcuterie board
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We’re well into October and you know what that means—it’s spooky season! As we’re just weeks away from the best holiday ever, Halloween, it’s time to get into the spirit with these delicious foods that are both tricks and treats. Whether you’re spending Halloween at home or hosting a party, here are five Halloween-inspired treats to make this month.

“Raw Meat” Rice Krispie Treats

Turn classic Rice Krispie Treats into a Halloween-worthy dessert by making a “raw meat” version that uses red food coloring, butter, vanilla extract, mini marshmallows, and Rice Krispies. It may look gross, but it’s super tasty!

Spooky Nachos

Nachos are great for just about any occasion and for a Halloween version, you’ll need to carve a small pumpkin, buy a bag of nachos, and make some dips. Presentation is everything for this salty snack.


Butterbeer is perfect for Harry Potter fans and you don’t have to go to Universal Studios to enjoy it. The drink comes together with cream soda, caramel extract, and butter extract. For a whipped cream topping you’ll need whipped cream, butterscotch topping, and powdered sugar.

Mummy Apple Pies

Apple pie is a fall staple and to make it more appropriate for Halloween, shape the pies like mummies by using a lattice crust pattern and topping them with eye-ball candies.

Spooky Charcuterie Board

Each holiday there seems to be a new charcuterie board and for Halloween, take your meat and cheese or candy one to the next level by adding spooky touches like skulls, pumpkins, spiders, mummies, and eyeballs.

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