Don’t Make These Wedding Makeup Mistakes

Photo by David Thomaz on Unsplash

We all want to look radiantly beautiful on our wedding day. After all, those photographs are going to last a lifetime. We consulted the experts on some of the mistakes that brides sometimes make with their makeup. Read on for what to avoid on your big day.

Skipping primer

Your makeup’s got to last a long time, and there are going to photograph all day. To make sure your makeup lasts and lasts, use a primer before applying your foundation. Choose a primer that addresses any beauty concerns you might have, such as oiliness and shine, or dry skin.

Too much contouring

The popularity of contouring seems to be waning, so to avoid looked horribly dated in your precious wedding pics, stick to sheer products and a more natural look.

Using the wrong shade of foundation

It’s time to take a relook at your foundation color, especially with a change of season. When choosing a shade, swipe the 3 shades you think match your natural color most closely near to your jawline. Now look in a mirror in natural light. The shade that seems to melt into your skin is the closest match.


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