Creative Ways to Display your Beauty Products

Photo by Manu Camargo on Unsplash

Beauty products tend to lie in drawers, makeup bags or strewn about on counters. They are hardly ever displayed in an organized way that is also aesthetically pleasing. There are stylish, creative ways to store your beauty products, making them easy to find and use.

Look on Pinterest and you realize that mason jars have many purposes. Paint them with a bronze-gold for a vintage look and they will provide perfect holders for your lipsticks, brushes and other beauty supplies.

A vintage frame with shelves can also make a perfect display case. An ornate frame with a metallic paint finish gives the display an elegant appearance. It is easy to make your own display cabinet by buying an old frame, installing wooden shelves and spraying with paint.

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Use ordinary glass containers but dip them in silver or gold glitter for some glamour. Do you have some old glasses lying around? Clean the surface of the glass thoroughly and apply a thin coat of craft glue. Shake the glitter evenly onto the surface until you have the desired effect. Let it dry completely for 24 hours.

A magnetic board is another practical option. You can create one yourself by using magnetic paint and some imagination to make it aesthetically pleasing. For items that are non-magnetic, you could simply attach small magnets.