Coolest Nail Colors For Summer 2018

Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

Another season another color addiction. Every trendy lady wants to have her nails done in the most popular shades of the moment. Since summer is all about joyful looks, we’re happy to say that you’ll have plenty of fun shades to experiment with. Check out the coolest nail colors for summer 2018 below.

Pink Madness

Get ready to bring an all-pink look to the table. Summer is all about colorful nails, and pink should be on top of your list. Soft baby shades are to die for. If you feel like only one color is too boring, you can always mix and match several ones.

Add Green

This summer make a strong fashion statement with green nail colors. It’s time to ditch the boring nudes, burgundy, red and switch to an array of fresh shades. They are flattering for every skin tone, plus will really upgrade your whole appearance.

Holographic Pastels

Nothing comes close to the gorgeousness of mesmerizing holographic colors. This season you definitely want to overload on pastels.

Chic Corals

Red is out of the picture this summer. And it’s dethroned by the fierce coral shades. Coral nail colors are so chic and fun, that you’ll want to wear them forever.

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