Cloud Makeup is The Mesmerizing New Look You Need To See

Cloud Makeup Is The Mesmerizing New Look You Need To See
Image via nikkietutorials/Instagram

When a new makeup trend on Instagram appears we are the first in line to know about it. There is one thing that beauty gurus have been obsessing over lately. Cloud makeup is the fiercest eye look that we’ve seen in 2018. These


James Charles took the cloud makeup trend to a whole new level with this mesmerizing look. The young artist painted a magical sunset sky on his lids and it is surreal. Take a moment to feast your eyes on the artistry.

Double Trouble

Lori decided to work with two completely different colors on both of her eyes. She painted one of the lids in fierce purple and the other one in red. Her take on the cloud makeup trend is beyond amazing.

Neon Pink

Luna went with fun pink hues and completely nailed it. The perfect details of her work are mesmerizing.


This makeup artist opted for a colorful version that is much more vibrant than anything we’ve seen so far. If you are insane over colors, you will definitely be obsessed with this look.

All Blue Everything

Nikkie was the first one to give this amazing trend a go. The very popular makeup magician did it all in the shades of blue.

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