Here’s Why You Should Get a Calligraphy Wedding Invitation

Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash

Pinterest and Instagram are amazing sources of wedding inspiration and new trends. The wedding industry is only growing as more and more couples want every little detail of their special day to be perfect, from decor to invitations.

The design of wedding invitations has evolved over time and the current hottest trend is calligraphy – the art of skillful writing by hand. Some couples hire a professional calligrapher to write their invitations by hand, while others rely on calligraphy fonts and design.

Elizabeth is a girl behind the brand Elisa Anne who’s specialized in calligraphy wedding invitation design. She typically charges around $5,000 for invitations and still has plenty of clients praising her work, which clearly says there’s a market for high-end, pricey invitations. “I love working on wedding invitations from the initial sketching concepts, all the way through sending them out to the guests. It is such an honor for me to create custom wedding invitations that my client is going to love and cherish,” she writes on her website.

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