Best Travel Skincare Tips & Tricks

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If you travel often, you already know that airplanes are your skin’s biggest enemy. No matter what you do, when you land your face will look tired and dehydrated. It is really hard to keep the skin healthy and glowing at all times. The air in airplanes is dry, which can have a damaging effect. But there are still several things you can do to avoid all this.


Don’t forget. Hydration is key to a healthy skin. Drink plenty of water and liquids while you’re on the plane. The same thing applies to your everyday care and routine. If you are dehydrated that will first show on your face.


The single most important step in keeping your skin radiant. The air up in the sky in airlines is very dry, which you can instantly see on the face. So whatever you do, don’t forget to bring a quality moisturizer on board.

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Forget About Makeup

When you travel, try avoiding makeup, or at least use a minimal amount of products. Even if you decide to have makeup on before your plane departs, make sure that you take it off during the flight. This is especially important for long flights.