7 Great Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Image via Jarek Ceborski on Unsplash

Just like your closet, your kitchen cabinets can look like a hot mess, as well. And spring is the perfect time to reorganize and give them a good clean.

Remove Everything From Your Cabinets

The first step is to remove everything from your cabinets. Then, clean them from top to bottom and line the cabinets with paper linings.

Label Your Containers

Labeling your containers is a true lifesaver. By naming each container you will easily find the things you are looking for.

Use Pop-Up Shelves

Pop-up shelves are great for optimizing the unused space in your cabinets.

Insert A Towel Bar

Use a bathroom towel bar as a holder and hang your spray bottles.

Use Small Containers

Put small things into bins. This way you will easily find the spice you are looking for. Just pull out the bin and voila! You found the item you needed.

Install A Slide-Out Shelving

Just pull out the slide-out shelving and you are ready to rumble or in this case, to cook.

Use A Plate Rack

Plate racks will help you grab your dishes easily.