6 Tips For Making Your College Dorms Feel More Homely

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So you’re moving into college dorms, congratulations! Moving out is a big step that may feel daunting at first. Here are some tips for making your college dorms feel more homely so you can settle in quicker and start enjoying the perks of college life.

Put Up Photos

When decorating your room, choose photos that make you smile. If you miss your mom, keep a family photo on your desk and pin-up all those silly snaps you took over summer with your friends back home. It will remind you that you are there if you need them.

Comfy Pajamas

Comfort is an important part of feeling at home. Treat yourself to some snug pajamas which help you feel cozy and relaxed in your new room.

Snack Drawer

Remember those biscuits your mom always seems to have in the house? Keep a supply of them in your desk drawer. Keeping a snack supply is an essential part of college survival.


Succulents brighten up a room. Having a plant nearby provides you with some of the comforts of being in nature. Succulents are easy to look after, take up little space, and look lovely.

Bring Your Own Pillow

Even if your college dorms include bedding, there is something comforting about having your own pillow. If it’s your blankie that makes you feel safe and warm, there’s no shame in bringing it with you. A cuddly toy works too.

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Hot Water Bottle

Sometimes feeling cozy is as simple as keeping warm. A hot water bottle is a great self-care tip when you are feeling lonely. The warmth of the bottle reminds our bodies of the warmth of another person. This triggers endorphins which make us feel safe.