5 Unexpected Expenses of Flying With Low-Cost Airlines

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Low-cost airlines come with a long list of benefits—starting with super-cheap plane tickets—but things aren’t so perfect once you scratch beneath the surface. Low-budget airlines come with a long list of hidden expenses, and here are five worth keeping in mind.

Baggage Fees

Most low-budget airlines only allow you to travel with a bag of specific dimensions, suitable for a short trip. If you want to bring a suitcase on board, you’ll have to pay extra, even if it’s a small carry-on.

Airport Check-In

Don’t forget to check in online whenever possible before heading to the airport because in-person check-in usually isn’t free and it’s a huge waste of money.

Food & Drinks

Pack your own snacks when you’re flying with low-cost airlines because on-board food and beverages don’t come free and they’re usually overpriced.

Seat Selection

If you want to sit with your travel companions or avoid the nightmare of the middle seat, get ready to splash out some money because seat selection comes with a high price tag.

Flexible Dates

Your ticket will go to waste or you’ll have to pay more than you’ve bargained for if you want to cancel it or change your dates. This service doesn’t come free and you’ll usually have to pay a flexibility fee in advance.

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