3 Great Hair Tips For Frequent Sauna Lovers

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Ah, the hot, soothing sauna…Who doesn’t love going to it, right? Relaxing in a warm room is amazing for your aching body, chronic pain and your mind overloaded with problems. However, sitting in the dry sauna isn’t that great for your hair because all the moisture will be drawn out. But, how to prevent looking like a bird’s nest, you wander? Follow these tips to help reducing damage, as much as possible.

Wear Towel Turban

Put hair conditioner on your hair before entering the sauna. Wrap your head in a slightly wet towel. Avoid wearing a soaked one because it could cause discomfort to your head, neck and shoulders.

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Tie Up Your Hair

If you don’t want frizzy, dried out hair, do not ever wear it loose when in dry sauna. Always, tie it up, either in a ponytail, pigtails or a bun, whichever suits you best. Remember, the less hair is exposed, the better.

Apply Coconut Oil

Apply coconut oil if you don’t mind having greasy, awful looking hair. Not only that coconut oil will protect your hair from damage, it will also nourish it as well.

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