Your Diet Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Enjoy a Cocktail

Photo by Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash

A delicious cocktail at the end of a long day is a treat few can resist. However, for those trying to lose weight, a cocktail is not conducive to dieting.

The sugar in the alcohol and the mixers wind up adding a lot of calories. This is no help when you’re actually trying to lose a few pounds!

However, it would appear that there is a way to enjoy a tasty cocktail without blowing your diet. Many cocktail bars are now catering to consumers who want to enjoy drinks without the calories. To this end, they have begun to use low-proof liquor which is lower in calories. Examples include Lillet and vermouth. These drinks are much lighter, resulting in lower levels of intoxication and fewer hangovers. They also keep your sugar intake lower.

Consider making wine spritzers at home. They are refreshing and easy to make. They’re also light on alcohol. If you use club soda as your mixer, there’s less sugar in your drink which helps keep those extra pounds off. A spritz of light alcohol and club soda or sparkling wine is also an alternative.