What Makes a Career in Healthcare Administration So Unique

Have your parents and grandparents been pushing you to pursue a career as an accountant, doctor, or lawyer all your life? Well, what if we told you that there’s a job that combines aspects of all three of those jobs into one?

What makes a career in Healthcare Administration so unique is that it is so varied and diverse ranging from the possibility of running an entire hospital to helping pick out new healthcare policies to handling all the finances and procedures for a private clinic. Another special part about this path in healthcare is that administrators typically have a normal 9-5 scheduled life, as opposed to the long hours and an unbalanced shift schedule.

If you’ve always been business oriented but are interested in helping people and are passionate about the healthcare industry and system, then this is the perfect route for you to combine all those interests!

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What is the difference between Business Administration and Healthcare Administration?

A Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration is quite similar to a degree in Business Administration, however, it is focused and specialized solely on the world of healthcare and its facilities. From hospitals to nursing homes to clinics to even government healthcare policies, a career in Healthcare Administration is far from a boring run.

The sole concept of the occupation is to manage and make sure that healthcare facilities are being run properly and effectively, are compliant with procedures and policies, and are just overall running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Why is a Degree in Healthcare Administration Worth Investing In?

Did you know that one of the largest industries in the United States is the healthcare industry? While being a doctor might require you to study for years and then additional years in residency, there are many other options in the healthcare realm that you can contribute with a lot less schooling.

Obtaining a career in Healthcare Administration is incredibly significant and comes with a lot of variety including managing budgets, finances, and communications. Because the job can be so diverse, getting your bachelor’s degree is required and a second degree is highly recommended since you will be able to learn how to handle and manage all sorts of situations on the job and require all the skills needed to be successful.

How to Obtain a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration Online?

A career in Healthcare Administration has plenty of room to grow and can be challenging in the best of ways. While an entry-level might require you to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, a Master’s Degree will truly help you grow and develop in the industry. Some of the courses covered in both range from ethics, human resources, finances, health policy, business management, and health care delivery.

While the perfect program for you will depend on your personal needs, some of the best online programs offered around for an online degree that are worth checking out are Colorado State University, Weber State University, and the University of Central Florida.

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What Jobs Can You Land with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree In Healthcare Administration?

Similar to how the skills and responsibilities required to be a successful healthcare administrator can be incredibly diverse, so are the options when it comes to career paths.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, these were some of the positions you could get with just a Bachelor and/or Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration in 2018:

  1. Hospital CEO or CFO
  2. Clinic, Chiropractor, Dental Office, or Nursing Home Administrator
  3. Medical Office Business Manager
  4. Insurance Company Analyst or Contract Negotiator
  5. Government Policy Maker
  6. Lab/Testing Facility Manager


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