Try a beer cocktail this Summer

Photo by Mattias Diesel on Unsplash

A beer cocktail? Yes, it’s true. In fact, it takes beer to a whole new level. Most of us are used to cocktails being made with hard liquor, but anyone who’s tasted one is going to tell you that a beertail is a way to go.

So instead of drinking your next beer as is, try adding a few simple ingredients to turn your average pint into a thirst-quenching sensation.

Beer Shandy

Yes, that well-loved favorite is actually a beertail, and might just be the oldest. It’s incredibly thirst-quenching in hot weather. Try this recipe: make a lemonade out of Meyer lemons, sugar, and water. Stir until sugar has dissolved. Now just add wheat beer and a slice of lemon. Delicious!

Beer Sangria

Sangria with beer instead of wine? It’s delicious and perfect for any festive occasion. Mix your favorite fruits with brandy, juice, and a wheat beer or season. Pour into glasses on the ice and serve immediately.


This is a spicy one, perfect for Summer and Mexican food. Blend salsa, canned tomatoes, and lime juice. Add to Mexican beer with hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and soy sauce. Garnish with lime and add ice.

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