TikTok’s Best Food Winter Trends That You Have to Try ASAP

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Winter is almost over, but some of the food trends that TikTok introduced us to this season are here to stay. From custard toast to overnight Weetabix, food crazes on this social media platform are a gift that keeps on giving, and here are three that you have to try ASAP.

Custard Toast

As far as food trends that emerged in 2022 go, none compares to custard toast. It’s delicious, quick, and easy to make, and that’s part of its appeal. In addition to toast, you’ll also need some eggs, Greek yogurt, and milk or maple syrup to make this delicious treat.

@sweatspace Mixed berry custard yoast @siggisdairy #sweatspace #dailysiggis #toasttuesday #yogurttoast #breakfastideas #fyp #foryou #tutorial ♬ original sound – djlex

Grated Egg Avocado Toast

TikTok is going crazy for toast this winter, and custard toast isn’t the only craze to emerge on this social media platform. TikTok users are also going crazy for avocado toast topped with grated egg, putting a new twist on the classic eggs + avocado combo.

@kroger Shaved eggs = the only way to eat eggs from now on. 🤯 #kroger #shavedegg #gratedegg #viralrecipes #avocadotoast #tiktokrecipes @yessidothecookingg ♬ original sound – Kroger

Overnight Weetabix

If you enjoy having sweet treats for breakfast, overnight Weetbix “cheesecakes” are about to become your new favorite TikTok obsession. They can double down as both breakfast and dessert, and it only takes a couple of minutes and a few basic ingredients to make them.

@eatwithjamielee overnight strawberry cheesecake weetabix 😍🍓🍓 #cheesecake #overnightweetabix #viral #fyp #caloriecounting #highprotein #mealprep ♬ Material Girl – Madonna
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