Things You Really Need To Know Before Dying Your Hair White

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Platinum white hair is awesome. There’s no denying that most of us have at some point fantasized about having Mother of Dragons-level white hair. Before you run to the drugstore to buy bleach, there are some harsh truths that you really need to know.

You Need To Get It Done Professionally

The first time you bleach your hair, we strongly recommend getting it done at a salon. They will be able to tell you whether your hair can take it and will be able to lighten your natural color without doing too much damage to your hair. It is possible to bleach your hair at home, but the risk of hair damage is higher.

Upkeep Is Expensive

When you dye your hair white, when your natural color grows through, it will be visible. Unlike warmer tones, you cannot style out roots with balayage. If you want to maintain flawless white hair, you need to prepare for visits to the salon every six weeks. This can get pricey.

You Won’t Get There In One Try

Unless your hair is already very light, it is extremely unlikely that your hairdresser will be able to take you straight to platinum blonde in one try. You will likely need to book several appointments so as not to shock and damage your hair. Going white is a process.

You’ll Need To Invest In Products

To maintain your shiny white hair, you will need to invest in products. Your current shampoo will need upgrading to a dye-protection product. You will also need hair protection spray if you plan on using flat irons. Finally, we recommend dry shampoo if you want to maintain your color longer by increasing time between washes.

Growing It Out Takes Patience

Although we are sure you’ll love your white hair, when you do decide to change it up, growing it out will take patience. Growing out your natural hair is not really a viable option as natural roots against white hair are very obvious. Instead, you will need to dye your hair a warmer tone and slowly take your hair back to a color close to your own.

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