The Power Of Vaseline Will Blow Your Mind

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Did you know that Vaseline can be used for all sorts of things around the house? You can use it as a moisturizer, for leather cleaning, it can be used as an anti-rust agent etc. We present to you 5 great uses for Vaseline you didn’t know are possible.

Squeaking Door

Oh, we all know that annoying squeak that your doors can make every time you open them. You can get rid of it very easily: just apply a good amount of Vaseline to the hinges and voila! No more Mr. Squeaking door!

Give Back Your Old Leather Shoes The Shine

Does your favorite pair of leather shoes look old? Well, give them a quick makeover. Rub some Vaseline on your favorites. They will instantly receive the “old glow”. Another great thing is that they will now become water resistant as well because Vaseline works as a water repellent.

DIY Candle

The lights go off and you just can’t find your candles? Don’t worry! Light up a toothpick, string it into the Vaseline and there you have it: a brand new DIY candle.

Amazing Frostbite Preventer

The cold, dry air can make so much damage to your beautiful, gentle skin. Rub some Vaseline onto your face every time you go outside. It will work as a shield and protect your face.

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