The Biggest Food Trends For 2020

We’re about to start a new year, which means new trends in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and food will emerge. In the food and beverage industry, 2019 was all about healthy living and eating. Plant and protein-based foods rose in popularity. Will these trends from 2019 carry into 2020 or should we expect to see new ones?

Concept Kitchens

It’s always entertaining to watch our food being made in front of us and concept kitchens are all about that. Chipotle and Subway have been using the idea for a while, but in 2020 fine-dining restaurants will be making the shift toward concept kitchens. This way of preparing food results in the freshest foods and it’s often more sanitary than preparing food in the kitchen.

Non- Alcoholic Drinks & Fermented Beverages

Alcohol has a lot of calories and it’s high in sugar, which makes you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Millennials have already jumped on the trend towards lower alcohol level beverages and kombucha. Expect to see shelves stocked with alcohol still water, which is spiked water beverages without bubbles.

Zero Waste

The government and organizations are expected to make food waste a priority this coming year. Did you know that 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted each year? By 2020 it’s supposed to increase to 2.2 billion. Part of the problem is that supermarkets throw vegetables and fruits away when they don’t look “perfect.” The color may be off or their misshapen, but they’re perfectly edible.

Healthy Snacks

We all love to snack, but there are definitely healthier ways of doing it. Gone are the days when popular ways of snacking were reaching for a bag of chips or munching on cookies. Healthier options like puffed or popped snacks and plant and protein-based snacks are the new thing.