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Biophilic Home Décor
2022 has already given us several pretty amazing home décor trends, and biophilic décor is one of the very best. It’s perfect for everyone who wants to give their home a natural feel, and here are some of the most creative ways to welcome this trend into...
Curved sofa
Curvy mirrors, candles, vases, and other décor pieces are all the rage right now, but what if you want to go bigger and bolder with this trend? Curved furniture is going stronger than ever, and there are several ways to embrace this craze in a major way.
Emerald green home décor
Etsy’s list of leading 2022 home décor trends included everything from statement lighting to mythical children’s rooms, but one thing that got everyone talking is their color of the year. Emerald green made the cut and here are some of the best ways to give this trendy...


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