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Cardi B at Strawberry Moon, Miami, Florida
“Liquid hair” is the latest beauty trend taking Hollywood by storm, and our favorite stars can’t get enough of it. Soft, silky, and perfectly straight, this hairstyle is all about that perfect shine without any sign of frizz, and many A-list celebs can’t resist this magnetic trend.
This year we saw some great at home hair colors and people weren't afraid to be bold and bright with their hair colors. Celebrities gave us some great inspiration for dying our hair cool colors as a way to express themselves during the pandemic. These were the...
We fell for Emma Roberts all the way back in in 2008 when she starred in Wild Child with Alex Pettyfer. Since then, she has rewon our hearts with her badass performances in Scream Queens and Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story. The star...
There are few things more satisfying than changing up your hair in the new year. The buzz of getting a new cut and style is not only exhilarating, but briefly makes you feel like a newer, maturer version of yourself with less hair and less problems.


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