Swifties Rejoice! “Midnights” Workouts Are All the Rage on YouTube Right Now

Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2019
Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2019. Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock (10369347qs)

Taylor Swift’s new album Midnights is currently topping the charts and breaking records and it turns out fitness influencers love it as much as the rest of us. Workouts inspired by this album are taking YouTube by storm as we speak and here are three that you should try ASAP.


Maddie Lymburner, aka MadFit, is one of YouTube’s leading influencers, and dance cardio workouts are her specialty. We can count on her to come up with a new workout video every time Taylor Swift drops a new album and this one features some of the best Midnights songs.


EmkFit’s YouTube channel is perfect for all the fitness newbies who enjoy working out to the beat of songs from musicals, Disney classics, and of course—the biggest pop hits. Her Midnights workout will put a smile on your face and it includes such songs as “Anti-Hero”, “Lavender Haze”, “Karma”, and “Bejeweled”.

Kyra Pro

Kyra Pro’s Midnights workout is the longest on the list and it includes two songs we haven’t seen in the previous two—“Bye Friends!” to “Vigilante S—t”. To make the whole thing even better, this fitness influencer shared a long 30-minute version with five additional songs on her Patreon.

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