Self-Care Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle While at Home

Many of us have been spending more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic and now’s the perfect time to make healthy lifestyle changes. But with all the stressors like the risk of infection, job insecurity, loneliness, and social distancing, leading a healthy lifestyle is challenging. That’s where self-care comes in. These self-care strategies are all about making time for your well-being and needs and they’ll help you stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Begin Your Morning With Mindfulness

All of the unknowns that are ahead of us are overwhelming and they lead to anxious thoughts. Starting your day with a mindfulness moment will help alleviate your anxiety. You only need 10 minutes to sit quietly and let your thoughts pass away.

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Self-care Saturday💚 Now more than ever is a great opportunity to reunite with YOU. Here are a few of my self-care rituals that feel great and easy to implement! #lemonwater 8oz of high-vibrational warm water with a lemon upon waking is a great everyday ritual and a sign for your body to turn on all systems #morningmeditation Spend 20 minutes in meditation shortly after you to let your body adjust to being awake before you tackle the day. Add another 20 minute meditation late afternoon right around the time you start feeling fuzzy or craving sugar. This acts as a re-set for the 2nd half of your day #morningelixir Whip up your favorite warming tonic, and if it’s coffee try something new. Matcha latte with any milk, powdered adatogenic mushroom elixir, green or black teas with honey/milk, all immune boosting and gentle on the SNS. Transition to herbal tonics for the remainder of the day. This is a great way to create ritual and ceremony in you home while getting your water intake in and using plants to heal. #movingmeditation Nature is open! Take a walk taking in your neighborhood with new eyes. Feel the calm of the world, listen to your breath, take in the Beauty! #nourishyourskin once clean and still wet, topically nourish your skin with plant-based oils #skincare Spend some quality time with that gorgeous face of yours. What a great opportunity to implement self-care while looking at yourself in the mirror and utilizing your healing hands to massage your face. This is a powerful ritual that I invite you to implement every day, morning and night. It may be the only time you take to really SEE yourself. Sending messages of love, courage, and gentleness during these trying times. All the while nourishing your face with plants, vitamins, and moisture that nature provides. #nourishyoursoul This could be a variety of things depending on your soul’s desire. I personally like to use this time to read, , burn inscense, write, dance, drink tea, FaceTime with friends, garden, playtime, cook, breathwork…whatever your soul desires this is a time to honor that.

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Learn a New Hobby

It’s easy to fall into bad habits when you’re stuck at home like stress-eating and scrolling through social media. Use the time you have to try a new hobby like a workout class, piano lessons, or online yoga.

Schedule Time For Meals

You may start waking up later and later and skipping important meals like breakfast. Because you don’t have to wake up to get to work at a certain time, it’s easy to waste the day away. Make sure you create a schedule for your meals and snacks.

Take Movement Breaks

Working all day at the computer will not only make you tired, but it’s bad for your body. Incorporate movement breaks like going for a walk with your dog first thing in the morning or doing a HIIT session before lunch.

Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Limit your nightly screen-time and use the time for relaxing bedtime routines like drinking a cup of tea while reading a book or sitting in a nice, warm bubble bath. A good night’s sleep will have you feeling energized for the day ahead!


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