Prevent Winter Hair Damage with These 3 Tips

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Is winter ruining all the hard work you put into making your hair look perfect? Here’s how to fight the harmful effects of cold weather, wind, and snow and keep your hair healthy all winter long.

Go Easy on the Shampoo

Now maybe the perfect time to start washing your hair less often, if possible. Cold weather and dry air indoors make your hair drier, so it will probably stay clean a bit longer. Add another day between two washes and let the natural oils from your scalp moisturize your hair.

Weekly Treatments

Hair masks and treatments can help tremendously. Make it a weekly ritual to pack your hair as you do other self-care things, such as painting your nails. Turn it into a fun and relaxing activity!

Avoid Heat

You’ll probably have to blow dry your hair after washing during winter, but try to avoid using a curling iron or flat iron. All that heat can further damage your hair that will become brittle in the cold weather. Try experimenting with hair accessories and different styles like braids instead!

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