Prevent Hair Static this Winter With These Tips

Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

Snow is pretty to look at, but the weather is not ideal for your hair. The most annoying beauty problem is probably hair static during winter. These tips will help prevent hair static:

Use a pre-shampoo product

This helps minimize unnecessary rubbing on the hair shaft. You can also switch to an oil-based cleanser. This helps prevent loss of moisture from the hair. Don’t use hot water to rinse the hair.

Use an ionic dryer

Blow dry your hair with an ionic dryer. This neutralizes the electrical charge and reduces the electromagnetic charge. This also moisturizes the hair.

Reduce brushing

Don’t brush too often. If you must, use a metal brush. You can also spray with hairspray before using the brush.

Use hair oil

When you use hair oil on the ends, it prevents static while making the hair shine. This oil comes in a portable size and is ideal for traveling or touchups mid-day.

Using hand lotion

If you apply hand lotion throughout the day, after rubbing it on your hands, rub some on your hair. The same thing applies when you use lip balm. Apply the excess on the ends of your hair.

Rubber soled shoes are not recommended

Don’t wear shoes with rubber soles. This is because it accumulates electricity and a buildup can make your hair ends stand.